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"JoJo and I are both the better for what we have learned from Jeanie"


"JoJo and I met Jeanie Ward when she was providing massage appointments at an agility trial in 2006. I am so glad I did. I was unaware of the discomfort JoJo was in until Jeanie touched her for a preliminary evaluation. JoJo whipped her head around so fast that I had no time to grab her. She would have bitten Jeanie except for swift moves on Jeanie's part. Jeanie, not surprisingly, said that it would be a good idea to have a vet check JoJo. She also gave me some excellent advice on some beginning massage techniques that even I could practice with effectiveness. Thanks to that brief visit with Jeanie, I found a hamstring problem that if pushed any further would have ended up in a torn hamstring and likely the end of JoJo's very active lifestyle for a long time.

"It was some time before I had occasion to see Jeanie again at another agility trial but I had been using the massage techniques off and on. Still I was unsure how JoJo would react. She has a long memory when it comes to painful encounters. Jeanie asked if she had worked on JoJo before. I said only one other time and told her about the encounter. Jeanie remembered and, despite the near miss the first time, risked another go. Well after that second session, completed this time with no attempts by JoJo to perforate Jeanie, JoJo was so relaxed that I almost had to carry her back to her crate. That was the beginning of a new chapter in JoJo's life and mine. JoJo has been as an on again, off again client of Jeanie's. For about the last year or so, JoJo has been a regular customer. A great deal of the credit for JoJo's ability to compete in agility at the very respectable age of thirteen years goes to Jeanie's super capabilities and very positive energy.

"JoJo always wants to be in control. Jeanie is one of the few people to whom she will relinquish control, although reluctantly sometimes. Jeanie manages to help JoJo understand that it is okay to give up control for a least the length of massage session. We have worked through a lot of JoJo's "stuff" in our sessions with Jeanie. We have moved beyond the massage alone. I have learned new things about why JoJo is the way she is. Jeanie was the first person to put words to what I guess I had known for a long time, but had never truly defined. JoJo is an emotional sponge. She absorbs and carries around with her all the emotional rhythms of the people with whom she shares her life. I am the same way. There is cost for this because JoJo does not, and neither do I, relinquish the tension and weight of these absorbed emotions very easily. We both needed to learn that it was okay to be the way we are but also learn ways to release the negative energy that can really impact our lives. JoJo and I are a team. Although I have a stronger connection to JoJo than I have had to any other dog I have known, I did not realize the ramifications of that and how I can use it in a positive manner.

"Jeanie also helped me realize something else. I have always thought that JoJo would be a super therapy dog. Although JoJo never took on that role in the official sense, Jeanie helped me realize that JoJo does indeed fulfill that role every day of her life. JoJo was the consummate therapy dog for me and my husband's parents during the 18 months that my husband trained for and then was deployed to Afghanistan with the National Guard. It was up to that point in time, one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult period of my life so far. If it had not been for this little bundle of Corginess, we would have had a much more difficult emotional ride.

"JoJo and I are both the better for what we have learned from Jeanie and I am sure there are a lot of good things to come. Jeanie is JoJo's massage therapist, yes, but it goes far beyond that. Jeanie is also our friend."

Janey Wilcox

The 28-Day Thougth Diet

The 28-Day Thought Diet

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Mindfulness Meditation with Sacred Sounds of Crystal & Tibetan Bowls, Gong, etc.: A powerful practice to be still, listen, and reawaken.
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One World Spiritual Center (OWSC) Jeanie is their Inspirational Speaker usually every third Sunday of the month at 11 am. Occasionally this changes so please be sure to check this website weekly to see when Jeanie is speaking.
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